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Factors That Influence Malaysian Commercial Property Investment

Investing in commercial property in Malaysia involves understanding diverse factors including economic trends, regulatory policies, and location dynamics. Given the market’s complexity, investors must carefully analyze these factors to ensure successful outcomes and maximize returns while mitigating risks effectively.

With the Malaysian commercial property market offering diverse opportunities across sectors, strategic decision-making is essential. By navigating these influences accurately, investors can position themselves for success in this dynamic and ever-evolving landscape.

Understanding How Economic Indicators Impact Commercial Property Investments

In the context of the real estate market, economic indicators play a crucial role in influencing investment decisions. Key economic indicators such as GDP growth, the interest rates, and the inflation directly impact the commercial property market, shaping investor sentiment and market dynamics.

GDP growth reflects the pace of economic expansion and is closely tied to the demand for commercial space. Higher GDP growth rates often correlate with increased business activity, leading to greater demand for office, retail, and industrial spaces. 

Conversely, sluggish GDP growth may dampen demand and affect rental yields and property values. Similarly, fluctuations in interest rates and inflation rates can impact financing costs and property valuations.

Best Commercial Real Estate Investment Depends on Market Demand and Supply

Market dynamics are heavily influenced by the interplay between demand and supply. Understanding this relationship is crucial for investors looking to capitalize on investment opportunities. 

Factors such as population growth, technological advancements, and industry trends directly impact market demand, which drives the need for commercial spaces. Population growth, for instance, fuels demand for various types of commercial properties. 

In addition, technological advancements and changes in consumer behavior shape the demand for innovative commercial properties. The balance between demand and supply directly influences property values and investment opportunities, with scarcity driving up prices and oversupply leading to downward pressure on rents and values.

Infrastructure Development May Affect the Return on Investment in Commercial Real Estate

Infrastructure development plays a crucial role in shaping the return on investment (ROI) in commercial real estate. Enhanced accessibility and connectivity through improved transportation networks, such as highways, railways, and airports, can significantly increase the desirability of commercial properties in certain locations. 

Areas with robust infrastructure tend to attract businesses and tenants, leading to higher rental yields and property values. Additionally, infrastructure development often stimulates economic growth by creating employment opportunities, attracting investments, and fostering business expansion. 

Government initiatives aimed at infrastructure development, such as urban renewal projects and smart city initiatives, can further bolster the attractiveness of commercial real estate investments. 

Analyzing the Location Dynamics of Commercial Property for Sale

The success of commercial property investments also relies heavily on location dynamics. Factors such as accessibility, infrastructure, and neighborhood development significantly influence property values and investment potential. 

Properties situated in prime locations with excellent connectivity to transportation networks and proximity to key amenities tend to attract higher tenant demand and command premium rental rates.

LBS Bina‘s commercial properties, such as M3 Shopping Mall and Bandar Saujana Putra, offer strategic locations that are well-suited for commercial property investment. These developments benefit from easy accessibility via major expressways and proximity to established business hubs, enhancing their appeal to potential investors. 

Discover Best Real Estate Investments in Malaysia with LBS Bina

In navigating the Malaysian real estate market, understanding the multifaceted factors influencing investment decisions is paramount. From economic indicators and market dynamics to infrastructure development and location dynamics, each element plays a crucial role in shaping investment opportunities. 
LBS Bina’s projects offer commercial properties that align with these key considerations. Explore the best real estate investments in Malaysia with LBS Bina today! Contact us now to learn more about our commercial property and start your journey towards successful real estate investments.

Exploring the Different Types of Housing Development Projects in Malaysia

Housing development plays a significant role in shaping Malaysia’s urban and rural landscapes. As the country progresses economically and demographically, the need for innovative housing solutions becomes increasingly essential. 

Understanding the importance of housing development in Malaysia is crucial. It addresses affordability challenges, fosters community cohesion, and drives economic growth and social equilibrium. 

Before delving into specific housing projects, grasping the broader impact of housing development on Malaysian society and the real estate sector is essential.

Examples of Residential Housing Development

Malaysia offers a plethora of choices when it comes to housing development, catering to various preferences and lifestyles. Below are some prominent examples:

Terrace Houses

Terrace houses are a common sight in Malaysian suburbs, featuring interconnected units with individual entrances and outdoor spaces, fostering community bonds with a mix of privacy and shared amenities.

Condominium and Apartment Developments

Popular in urban hubs like Kuala Lumpur and Penang, these vertical living spaces offer shared facilities such as pools, gyms, and security services, catering to a wide demographic, from young professionals to retirees seeking convenience.

Housing Development Projects with Gated Communities

Gated communities provide enhanced security and exclusivity, featuring amenities like gardens, clubhouses, and recreation areas; appealing to those desiring a premium living experience in a controlled environment.

Which Housing Development is the Best Choice for Me?

Choosing the right housing development in Malaysia requires consideration of several key factors. First, assess your lifestyle preferences, including whether you prefer urban or suburban living and what amenities are important to you. Next, evaluate your budget constraints realistically, factoring in not just the purchase price but also ongoing expenses.

Location is crucial, so consider proximity to essential facilities such as schools, healthcare, and transportation options. Besides, assess the neighborhood’s safety and future development plans. Finally, compare the facilities and amenities offered by different developments to ensure they align with your needs and preferences.

By systematically considering these factors and consulting with real estate professionals, you can make an informed decision which leads to a fulfilling living experience in Malaysia.

The Best New and Affordable Housing Development For Sale by LBS Bina

LBS Bina is renowned for its commitment to delivering quality and affordability in housing developments across Malaysia.

Among them, Prestige Residence stands out with its strategic location easily accessible via major expressways such as MEX, Bukit Jalil Highway and SKVE. It offers units ranging from 600 to 850 square feet, with prices starting from RM270,000.

KITA Sejati provides urban living with convenience, located conveniently with access to major expressways like Elite Highway, MEX and more. Units range from 602 to 850 square feet, with prices starting from RM399,800.

KITA Mesra offers spacious townhouses ideal for families, accessible via highways like Elite Highway, Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP) and more. The units feature a gross built-up area ranging from 917 to 1105 square feet, with prices starting from RM439,900.

These residential developments reflect LBS Bina’s dedication to providing modern, accessible, and affordable housing solutions for Malaysians, catering to a diverse range of needs.

Start Building Your Ideal Home with LBS Bina’s New Housing Development Projects

With LBS Bina’s range of development house options, you can begin the process of creating your ideal home. LBS Bina’s commitment to quality, affordability, and accessibility ensures that each project is designed to meet the diverse needs of Malaysian homebuyers.

Building your ideal home requires careful consideration of factors such as location, budget, lifestyle preferences, and amenities. With LBS Bina’s developments, you can find the perfect balance of these elements, ensuring a fulfilling living experience for you and your family. 

Take the first step towards realizing your dream home with LBS Bina’s housing options and start building a brighter future today. Contact LBS Bina now to explore our housing options!

Stamp Duty Exemption in Malaysia for First Home Buyers’ Homeownership

When you purchase your first home, there are additional costs to consider on top of the property price. These extra costs often sneak up on home buyers, causing much stress and financial strain.

One of these additional costs includes stamp duty charges. These charges can rack up to tens of thousands of Ringgit, so it’s important to be aware and financially prepared for them.

Although this sounds daunting, we have good news for you first-time home buyers – you can enjoy stamp duty exemptions as part of the Malaysian Home Ownership Initiative!

What are Stamp Duty Exemption Acts and How Do They Affects Homebuyers?

Stamp duty is a fee charged on legal documents such as instruments of transfer and loan agreements.

For instruments of transfer, stamp duty is charged in tiers:

Property priceStamp duty (% of property price)
First RM 100,0001%
From RM 100,001 – RM 500,0002%
From RM 500,001 – RM 1,000,0003%
Above RM 1,000,000 onwards4%

For example, for a property with a price of RM 450,000, the stamp duty for the instrument of transfer would be calculated as follows:

1% of the first RM 100,000 = RM 1,000

2% of the next RM 350,000 = RM 7,000

Total stamp duty = RM 8,000

For loan agreements, on the other hand, the stamp duty charged is 0.5% of the loan amount. Let’s go back to the earlier example. Typically, you would pay a down payment of 10% and take a loan for about 90% of the property price.

Hence, for a property valued at RM450,000, you would normally apply for a 90% loan of RM 405,000. For a loan of this amount, the stamp duty charged on the loan agreement would be: 0.5% x RM 405,000 = RM 2,025.

In this example, the total stamp duty would add up to be: RM 8,000 + RM 2,025 = RM 10,025.

However, first-time home buyers can enjoy a 100% stamp duty exemption for property purchases up to RM 500,00 and a 75% exemption for property purchases between RM 500,001 and RM 1 million.

Stamp Duty Exemption on Housing Loans

In Malaysia, the provision of stamp duty exemptions on housing loan agreements serves as a significant financial relief for homebuyers. This exemption offers a valuable opportunity for individuals, especially first-time home buyers, to maximize savings. The funds saved through this exemption can subsequently be allocated towards enhancing the living space, whether through renovations or furnishing, thereby turning your dream home into a reality.

By taking advantage of this government-provided benefit, first-time home buyers not only ease their immediate financial obligations but also gain the means to enhance and personalize their new abode.

Who’s Eligible? Decoding the Stamp Duty Exemption Criteria in Malaysia

Malaysian citizens who have never owned any residential properties are eligible for the stamp duty exemptions. If you fit the bill, you can enjoy stamp duty exemptions, provided that:

  • You purchase a residential property from a property developer,
  • The sales and purchase agreement (SPA) is executed between 1 June 2022 and 31 December 2023, and
  • The property purchased is under RM1 million for a 75% exemption and under RM500,000 for a 100% exemption.

This scheme offers a 100% stamp duty exemption on the instrument of transfer and loan agreement for your first home until the end of 2025, with a 75% stamp duty exemption applicable until 31st December 2023 for properties under RM1 million.

Stamp Duty Exemptions and Saving for Your First Home with LBS’ Projects

LBS Bina offers a wide range of residential properties for first-time home buyers who are excited to take advantage of these stamp duty exemptions.

For example, Kita @ Cybersouth by LBS Bina is a beautiful gated and guarded township with a variety of property options to choose from. Stand to enjoy 100% stamp duty exemptions with this affordable yet strategically located housing development in the up-and-coming southern corridor of Greater Klang Valley.

Begin Your Journey to Home Ownership with Stamp Duty Exemptions

Purchasing a property can be a costly affair, so being aware of any cost exemptions that you are eligible for is incredibly important. Take advantage of this amazing initiative and buy your first home at a cheaper price! Check out LBS Bina’s website to find your dream home today.

Everything You Need to Know about Condominium Investment in Malaysia

There has been a growing demand for condominiums in Klang Valley over the past decade. The growth and development in this urban area have created ample job opportunities, causing an influx of working adults who require housing.

With their central location, accessibility, and myriad facilities, condos have become incredibly popular among these urban dwellers. As such, investing in condos can be very lucrative for investors.

Here are some tips for choosing the right investment condo in Malaysia.

Factors Making Malaysian Condos a Prime Investment Opportunity

Condos are an ideal choice for those looking to buy an investment property in Malaysia for many reasons, including:

  • Condos are often strategically located with easy access to expressways and in proximity to commercial hubs, transport networks, and amenities. This location advantage makes condominiums very attractive to potential renters. For example, LBS Bina’s Prestige Residence has everything residents may need – educational institutions such as SJK(C) Bukit Serdang and SMK Taman Desaminium, and shopping amenities like AEON Mall Taman Equine and Giant Hypermarket – all just a stone’s throw away.
  •  The Malaysian property market offers competitive pricing compared to global property markets.
  • Condos can provide strong rental yields for investors, especially in key cities. Many working adults in urban areas prefer staying in condominiums due to their attractive location and facilities, which boost demand and rental yields.

Evaluating the ROI on Condo Investments in Malaysia

For investors, a crucial aspect of purchasing a condo as an investment property is evaluating its potential return on investment (ROI). The ROI for properties is typically derived from rental yields and property appreciation.

Luxury condominiums strategically positioned in prime locations hold significant potential for generating high rental income and experiencing property appreciation. The key to securing a favorable ROI lies in making informed choices, particularly in selecting the right condo in the optimal location. This strategic decision-making process is essential for maximizing returns on your investment in the property market.

Tips to Consider When Buying a Condo for Investment in Malaysia

Doing comprehensive market research is vital before undertaking a significant investment such as purchasing a property. Here are some important things to consider when buying a condo for investment:

  • It’s all about location. Investors should identify prime locations based on potential growth and future development plans. For example, up-and-coming areas with increasing commercial activities and public transport links are a great choice.
  •  Investors should look into property valuation and the factors that influence it to avoid purchasing a condo at an inflated price. To safeguard your ROI, you need to make sure that you pay a fair price for your property.
  • There are also legal and regulatory aspects to keep in mind during the buying process. For example, making sure that a strata title is obtained for your high-rise investment is crucial as it provides proof of ownership.

Purchasing your condo investment property from a reputable developer like LBS Bina will save you a lot of headaches by ensuring a smooth transaction process.

Diverse Condo Investment Properties for Varied Investment Goals

There are different types of condominiums available for investment in Malaysia. The type of condo you invest in will depend on your budget and investment goals.

Standard condos with basic amenities are cheaper and can garner a fairly good rental income, making them suitable for those who want to secure modest additional income over the long term.

Luxury condominiums with fully equipped amenities, on the other hand, tend to be more expensive but have great potential for high rental yield and property appreciation. This is a good choice for investors with the intention of reselling their property at a profit.

SkyLake Residence, LBS Bina’s new investment condos for sale, offers the best of both worlds – all the elegance and facilities of a luxury condominium coupled with an affordable price tag.

Begin Your Condo Investment Journey with LBS Bina Now

Here are two key takeaways to bear in mind when buying a condo for investment in Malaysia:

  1. Always go for a reputable developer with a stellar track record to ensure quality construction.
  1. A well-located condominium with easy access to amenities can boost the desirability of a condo unit for both rental and resale purposes.

Start your investment journey with strategically located luxury condominiums by LBS Bina, a trusted developer in Malaysia. Contact us today to learn more.

Introduction to the Malay Reserve Land and Property Development in Malaysia

Malay Reserve Land, also known as “Tanah Rizab Melayu”, is one of the privileges granted to Malays in the Malaysian constitution. These properties are an excellent choice for Malay home buyers looking to purchase their dream home.

However, confusion about Malay Reserve Land often hinders buyers from exploring this option. Here’s a guide to help you learn more about Malay Reserve Land and why it’s a good choice for Malay home buyers.

What is Malay Reserve Land and How Does it Differ from Regular Property?

Malay Reserve Land refers to land that can only be sold to and owned by Malay Muslims.

One of the major benefits of purchasing a property in a Malay Reserve Land in Malaysia is that you get to enjoy cheaper prices compared to other similar properties in the area. The cost of Malay Reserve Land is generally lower, translating into more affordable property prices for buyers.

There is a common misconception that because property prices are lower, the properties on Malay Reserve Land are somehow subpar compared to others. This, however, is completely untrue. When you purchase property from a trusted developer like LBS Bina, exceptional quality and design are guaranteed.

The Benefits of Malay Reserve Land Compared to Bumi Lots

People often think that Malay Reserve Land is just another term for Bumi Lots, but this isn’t the case; there are distinct differences between the two.

Bumi lots can only be sold to the Bumiputera community in Malaysia, which comprises Malay Muslims, the indigenous people of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, and non-Malay Muslims. This differs from Malay Reserve Land, which can only be sold to Malay Muslims.

It is almost impossible to release ownership of a Malay Reserve Land to a non-Malay, unless another piece of similar land of equal value is provided as a replacement. Bumi lots, however, can be sold to non-Bumi buyers under certain circumstances.

Exploring How LBS Bina Balances Land Development with Cultural Preservation

In its commitment to harmonize land development with cultural preservation, LBS Bina presents a thoughtful exploration of housing projects tailored for Malay home buyers in Malaysia.

For those seeking to invest in property, LBS Bina introduces several Malay Reserved Land housing projects, exemplifying a delicate balance between modern development and the preservation of cultural heritage. Among these projects, KITA Sejati and KITA Bestari stand out as integral components of the KITA @ Cybersouth development.

These meticulously planned developments provide a diverse range of double-storey terrace houses, single-storey terrace houses, apartments and townhouses, catering to the preferences and needs of Malay home buyers. Nestled within a gated and guarded township, KITA @ Cybersouth is not just about acquiring a property; it is a visionary concept designed for families aspiring to realize their dream home while fostering a strong sense of community.

Prime Amenities and Lifestyle at this Malay Reserve Land Project

LBS Bina’s impressive Malay Reserve Land project provides easy accessibility to expressways such as Putrajaya-Cyberjaya Expressway, Maju Expressway (MEX), South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE), and Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP), making it easy for you to move around the Klang Valley area.

The strategic location of KITA @ Cybersouth ensures residents have convenient access to a range of amenities, including shopping centres like D’Pulze Shopping Centre, educational institutions such as UiTM Kampus Dengkil, and healthcare facilities like Putrajaya Hospital. This location strikes a harmonious balance between convenience and serenity, offering residents the best of both worlds. Residents can also enjoy a wide array of facilities such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, playgrounds, and BBQ lounges.

It’s the perfect place for those who want the perks of city convenience along with the tranquillity of a suburban paradise.

KITA Sejati & Bestari: Your Dream Properties on Malay Reserved Land in Malaysia

LBS Bina is committed to developing Malay Reserve Land and building quality homes for Malay property seekers. Our properties, with their unique blend of convenience and serenity, are a great choice for those looking to put down roots and create a lifetime of family memories.

Check out KITA Sejati and KITA Bestari to find your dream home today.

Getting a Housing Loan in Malaysia as a First-Timer? Here’s a Guide for You

Buying your first home is exciting! However, the process of securing a housing loan can be nerve-racking. More and more Malaysians are experiencing challenges in securing housing loans, which makes the process all the more daunting.

However, the best way to tackle this issue is to learn about the options available to you and make an informed decision that best suits your financial situation. Here’s what you need to know about the housing loans available in Malaysia:

Understanding the Basics of a Housing Loan and Its Interest Rates in Malaysia

Housing loans are funds borrowed from a financial institution to help you cover the cost of purchasing a home. Borrowers then repay these funds over a certain period, with interest.

There are typically two types of housing loan interest rates, namely fixed rates and variable rates. For fixed rate loans, the interest rate remains the same throughout the loan period.

For variable rate housing loans in Malaysia, on the other hand, the interest rate varies depending on the Base Rate (BR). A decrease in the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) set by Bank Negara Malaysia can lead to lower variable housing loan rates and vice versa.

Types of Housing Loans Available for Homebuyers in Malaysia

Banks offer various types of housing loans to cater to the diverse financial needs and preferences of borrowers, including:

Basic Term Loan

With basic term loans, you pay a fixed monthly installment throughout the loan period. This makes it easy for you to plan your finances as there are no changes to the monthly installments.

However, this type of loan lacks flexibility as you cannot make additional payments to reduce the loan principal and interest. In fact, banks often charge a penalty if you want to settle the loan early. 

Semi-Flexi Loans

Semi-flexi loans are the most common type of housing loan offered by banks in Malaysia. They offer more flexibility than basic term loans. You can make additional payments to reduce the loan principal and interest whenever you have extra money.

You can also withdraw these additional payments if you are strapped for cash. However, withdrawals may be subject to the bank’s approval and processing fees. 

Also, the interest rate for semi-flexi loans may be higher than basic term loans, but you can try to shop around for the best rate.

Full-Flexi Loans

As the name suggests, flexi-loans are incredibly flexible. Just like semi-flexi loans, you can make additional payments to reduce the loan principal and interest at any time. These additional funds can be easily withdrawn without any hassle when you are in a pinch.

However, flexi-loans often incur a small monthly maintenance fee, which is an additional cost to you. Also, the interest rates for these loans are typically higher than basic term loans. Do take note that flexi-loans are not offered by many banks in Malaysia.

Islamic Loans

Unlike the conventional loans listed above, Islamic loans based on Shariah principles do not charge interest. Instead, Islamic housing loans work on the basis of a partnership.

You and the bank jointly purchase and own the property, with the bank having a higher ownership holding. You then pay the bank in installments until you acquire full ownership, almost like a rent-to-own concept. The bank earns a profit by selling its share of the property to you at a higher price than it originally paid.

You don’t have to be a Muslim to apply for Islamic housing loans; it is open to all Malaysians.

Government Housing Loans

Lembaga Pembiayaan Perumahan Sektor Awam (LPPSA) offers this special loan for civil servants. With government housing loans, you can opt for a longer loan tenure (up to 90 years of age) to reduce your monthly installments and enjoy a fixed interest rate of 4%. 

Refer to the LPPSA website to calculate your loan eligibility.

Factors to Consider Beyond Housing Loan Interest Rates for Your Dream House

While securing a housing loan is a pivotal step in the property buying process, several other crucial factors warrant careful consideration when selecting your dream home. Beyond the housing loan interest rates, aspects such as location, amenities, accessibility, and property size play pivotal roles in making an informed decision.

The location of your prospective home is not just about proximity to work; it also involves assessing the neighbourhood, nearby facilities, and the overall ambience. Accessibility is another critical factor to weigh. Consider the proximity to public transport, major highways, and essential services. 

Property size is a personal preference that aligns with your lifestyle and future plans. To assist your decision-making process, make a comprehensive list of what you are looking for in a home. This list will serve as a valuable guide, allowing you to prioritize your preferences and find a property that not only fits your financial goals but also aligns with your lifestyle and aspirations.

Progressing Toward Your Ideal Property in Malaysia with a Housing Loan

Securing an advantageous loan to purchase a quality property is every homebuyer’s dream. Having a clear idea of what you want in a home and shopping around for the best rates will help you turn this dream into a reality.

LBS Bina offers a diverse selection of residential properties throughout Malaysia, catering to buyers searching for their dream home. One notable project is KITA @ Cybersouth by LBS Bina, featuring a range of options such as KITA Mekar – Double Storey Terrace House, KITA Bestari – Townhouse, and KITA Sejati – Serviced Apartment.

 Check out LBS Bina’s website to learn more.

5 Property Investment Strategies For Beginners to Follow in 2023

With everything that’s currently happening in the world, 2023 may not seem like the right time to invest in Malaysian property, especially if it’s your first time.

However, with the right property investmentstrategy at your disposal, there is no doubt that you will reap the rewards of your investment in good time.

So, if you are new to property investment in Malaysia and are keen to dabble in this popular investment option, here is a property investment guide that you might find useful before taking that big leap.

Exploring Buy and Hold Property Investment in Malaysia

House model with real estate agent and customer discussing for contract to buy house, insurance or loan real estate background.

Buy and hold is one of the most popular investment strategies in property investment, which requires the investor to identify the best place to invest in property.

Identifying an area or location with potential for growth is a crucial factor and includes looking into industrial expansion and population growth.

These factors are known to have a big impact on the property’s appreciation as well as the area’s rental market.

However, do take note that the buy and hold is a passive long-term investment property strategy, which means that you will not be able to see immediate returns if you choose to carry it out.

Apart from that, this popular investment strategy definitely requires extensive research and patience, and if successful, it will be able to generate higher returns in the future.

By carefully analysing the market, you can also minimise the risks of your investment being undermined and reap the returns of your property investment down the road.

Use The House Hacking Property Investment Strategy For Additional Income

If you are keen on investing in the housing market, then you might want to consider the house hacking strategy.

House hacking is basically renting out part of the residential space that you are living in, ideally a multifamily property, to others.

House hacking is an ideal way to help you generate some income as a landlord as well as offset the high costs of owning a house, which can be extremely costly.

It may not be a conventional property investment strategy to carry out in Malaysia but this upcoming investment property trend is definitely something to look into.

So, if you have a room or two of your own home to spare and do not mind the idea of having housemates, then this is a property investment strategy that you might want to try out!

Consider Strata Property As Your First Investment Property

If you are buying your first investment property, it’s most likely you would want to start with a more affordable property, like a strata property.

A strata property is a term often referring to high-rise properties with shared common facilities such as condominiums and apartments.

It is currentlythe best type of property to invest in the Malaysian market as it has a lower cost than investing in a landed property.

Apart from that, the demand for renting condominiums and apartments is also higher as more people are seeking a more affordable option when it comes to picking out a place to live.

Renting Out Your Best Investment Property On Airbnb

As travel and holiday make a comeback post-pandemic, short-term rental is one of the most lucrative types of investment property approach to consider doing in 2023 onwards.

So, if you have the perfect vacation home property at the best location, Airbnb is definitely a platform you will want to look at to list your property and connect with travellers.

Compared to traditional renting, Airbnb allows you to have more flexibility and use different pricing strategies depending on the demand and season.

Though this investment property approach does not guarantee you a steady income, the daily rate received from the short-term rental is relatively higher than the average daily rate of long-term rental.

Discover BRRRR As A Popular Income Property Investment Strategy In Malaysia

House or mortgage affordability calculation, picking new home base on budget, income or lifestyle concept, businessman hand wisely think to picking different variant houses with price tag.

Another popular investment property approach you might want to consider is the BRRRR property strategy, which stands for Buy, Rehab/Refurbish, Rent, Refinance, Repeat.

When done right, BRRRR can certainly provide you with higher returns but it takes time and hard work.

First things first, you will need to buy a property that is affordable or has a lower value that can be upgraded with some refurbishment work, which brings us to the second step.

So, after acquiring a property, you will need to increase the value of the property through refurbishment. Adding features such as a security system, landscaping, kitchen remodelling and others, will help to increase the property’s capital appreciation and rental value.

Once that is done, you can then rent out your property at the best price and start generating cash flow.

After you have accrued revenue through renting out your property, the home can then be refinanced and sold at a higher price, and the whole process is repeated.

Do note that though this property investment strategy is quite technical, many property investors enjoy BRRRR not only as means of generating income but also as a hobby.

Ideal Property Investment in Malaysia with LBS Bina

If you are looking for high-quality yet affordable houses worth investing in, LBS Bina offers a selection of affordable investment properties for you to check out.

LBS Bina also keeps up with the ever-evolving architectural design trends to meet the aesthetic demands of today’s modern home buyers and investors.

To discover more about LBS Bina’s available projects for property investment, visit the LBS Bina website today!

Four Main Guides & Tips On How To Buy Property In Malaysia

If you are looking for some property buying tips, then you have come to the right place.

Though this may not be your typical Malaysia property buying guide, there is no harm in understanding what you are getting yourself into before you buy a property, especially if it is your first time.

We understand that although it is a wonderful milestone to be able to buy your first property, it can also be quite scary as it is such a big and life-changing decision to make.

So, here are four factors to consider before buying property in Malaysia:

Tip 1: Reaffirm Your Decisions Before Choosing Any Property Development or Developer

If you are new to real estate and property, you may be wondering where to start and how to buy property in Malaysia.

However, before you dabble in real estate and begin searching for the best property to buy in Malaysia, you must first establish why it is that you want to buy property.

Is it because you want to invest in properties to gain some returns as a side or passive income?

Or are you looking to buy a property to call home?

Whatever your reasons are, know that there are other forms of investments as well as alternatives to buying a home such as renting, which might be a better option depending on your means.

Do bear in mind that buying a property in Malaysia does come with risks, just like any other form of investment.

So, make sure to think long and hard about buying a property to prevent yourself from making a decision that you might later regret because you did not weigh your options.

Tip 2: Do Not Buy Without Essential Guide or Investigation in Malaysia’s Property Market

If you are only interested in knowing how to buy property in Malaysia because everyone you know is doing it, then you might want to reconsider.

This is especially if you are not into Malaysia’s property market or have no interest in real estate.

This is because you will need to understand the market by doing thorough research and information gathering before you decide to buy a property.
This includes knowing the different types of properties available in the market and what they offer, how the location of the property plays a huge role as well as the incurring costs that you will need to bear when you purchase a property.

So, before knowing how to buy property, just be aware and be sure of what you are seeking in a property and whether it is something you can commit to.

Tip 3: To Buy The Best Property In Malaysia, Location Is Everything

In every property guide to buying the best property in Malaysia, location will always be one of the biggest factors to look out for.

This is especially crucial if you are buying property for you to call home and settle down in for the long term.

When you ask what is the best property to buy in Malaysia, there is no definite answer.

It is quite subjective as different people will have different preferences and needs such as living in a lively neighbourhood or a quiet residential area.

However, location plays a major role when choosing and buying a property, especially when you are considering the distance from your workplace, schools, hospitals and other essential amenities.

Besides that, the best property to buy in Malaysia is generally one that is accessible and is a considerably good distance from other neighbouring townships.

LBS Bina is known for building and designing high-quality property and housing for today’s thriving communities.

To learn more about our available property and housing projects, check out LBS Bina’s website now!

Tip 4: Maintaining a Strict Eye on Your Finances Is Vital in Property Buying

Before you decide on buying a property, take into account all of your personal expenses beforehand.

This includes your monthly and yearly subscriptions, bills, car loans and food allowances.

Then, consider the ongoing expenditures of a house purchase, the necessary renovation as well as furnishing costs once you buy a property.

Having your finances in order and being disciplined about it is definitely something to take seriously once you decide to commit to owning a house.

Tips to Purchase a House for First-Time Home Buyers in Malaysia

You are finally reaching another milestone in your life and now, you are ready to buy your first home!

Being a first-time home buyer is definitely an exciting experience but at the same time, buying your 1st house can also be a nerve-wracking journey, especially if you do not know where to start.

So, if you are a first-time home buyer in Malaysia, here are some tips that might be useful before you make that leap to buying your 1st home:

Decide on a Budget for Your 1st Home in Malaysia

One of the most crucial things you need to do as a first-time home buyer is to know and decide on the budget you are comfortable with for your 1st house.

You might also do your own research to find out which housing price range is the best match for your current income as you surely want to buy a house that you can afford.

Today, there are a few useful online tools such as a home loan and duty stamp calculator that can help you find out the loan amount you need to buy your 1st home.

Another thing that you need to take note of is that a downpayment of 10% of the property cost is necessary when buying a new house.

Compare the Costs of Properties Before Buying Your First Home

As a first-time home buyer, it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of excitement when you are finally buying your first house.

However, it is important to remember that it takes a lot of patience and to never act too hastily when you are house hunting.

In order to make smarter choices, it is best to browse the market and compare the pricing of houses available for sale first to find the best deal.

So, never settle for the first house that catches your eye and make a payment for it right away, which is the no.1 mistake of many first-time home buyers in Malaysia today.

Having negotiating skills can also be useful in this case as it might be able to help you get a better price and rebate incentives for your dream home.

Obtain Funding as a First-Time Home Buyer in Malaysia

Another important tip for a first-time home buyer in Malaysia is to first obtain the funding you need to buy your first house.

By securing your finance, you will then be able to find the type and price of a property that best fits your budget.

The bank will assist in evaluating your credit score to help determine whether you are a viable candidate to repay the loaned amount.

Apart from that, the bank will also look at your Debt Service Ratio (DSR) score to find out your eligibility for a housing loan.

So, the better your credit score, the higher your chances are of getting your loan approved by the bank.

First Home Scheme Program for First Home Buyers in Malaysia

You can also check out the first home scheme, which is a program for first-time homebuyers.

Malaysia’s first home scheme offers eligible applicants the chance to obtain loan financing up to 110% of the price of a property, which is something that all first-time home buyers should take advantage of.

Consider Your Options Before Buying Your First Home

Now that you understand that buying your first house as a first-time home buyer has its pressures, you might begin to weigh other alternatives.

However, once you have all the required details and know what it is exactly you are looking for in a first home, the home of your dreams is within your reach.

Though choosing your ideal 1st home is a subjective decision and varies from one individual to another, there will definitely be a house that is sure to meet all your needs as well as your budget.

Here at LBS, we are known for building not only affordable homes but also high-quality houses that are beautifully designed for today’s thriving communities.

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Comparison Between Affordable Housing And Luxury Housing Projects In Malaysia

If you are new to the property world and are planning to buy your own housing property, then you might want to know the difference between affordable housing and luxury housing first.

There are obvious distinctions between the two, so it is always a good idea to identify them beforehand to select the best housing property that meets your needs.

Here is a helpful comparison to know between affordable housing in Malaysia and luxury housing:

The Price Between An Affordable Housing And Luxury Housing Development

The price of affordable housing in Malaysia and luxury housing is one of the most obvious differences between the two.

When it comes to shopping for a new house, affordability should be at the top of your list. Hence, an affordable home is what you should be looking at.

Typically, the prices of affordable homes for sale in Malaysia today range between RM 200,00 to RM 380,000.

However, based on Malaysia’s property outlook in 2023, it is expected that the affordable price range of affordable housing for sale in more popular locations is around and under RM 500,000.

Luxury homes in Malaysia, on the other hand, often begin at RM 500,000 and can scale up to millions of ringgit depending on the property type such as penthouses to bungalows.

The Investment Value Of New Affordable Housing And Luxury Housing

If you are interested in buying property, then of course you will need to know the investment value of the property that you will be investing in for your future.

If you are looking for a safe and steady income to reap from your property investment, then you might want to go invest in affordable homes for sale.

This is because affordable housing is known to offer more consistent rental income as most of the population in the country who can only afford to rent prefer this option.

People today are mostly on the lookout for affordability and as long as they have a roof over their heads and their basic needs are met, renting an affordable home is the ideal choice for them.

However, luxury homes in a posh location that come with luxurious facilities and premium features do have an added advantage compared to an affordable home.

This is especially if you wish to one day sell off your property at an even better price to those who can afford it.

The Space of an Affordable Home vs Luxury Home

Another reason why a luxury home is more pricey compared to an affordable house for sale is the fact that it has a larger floor plan.

Luxury homes are no doubt so much more spacious and come with large master suites, expansive kitchens and massive bathrooms as well as other additional rooms like a theatre room, gym or gaming room.

Today, affordable housing developments are built and designed more for ‘cosy practicality’ rather than ultra-spaciousness to meet the demands of the growing middle-income population.

An affordable home though more compact still includes all the basic amenities of a home to meet your needs.

The Location Of An Affordable Home And Luxury Home For Sale

Luxury housing projects are typically developed in more strategic locations such as major townships with vast areas, expansive greenery as well as better accessibility.

Apart from that, being located in a prime location gives luxury housing easy access to hot spots, essential amenities and other conveniences.

Affordable housing projects, on the other hand, are normally developed outside of popular townships and locations and are known to be located in less-than-promising neighbourhoods.

Sometimes, affordable housing projects can also be located quite a distance away from amenities and hot spots such as schools, banks, shopping malls and others.

The Amenities And Security Of Affordable Housing Vs Luxury Housing Development

Affordable housing developments in Malaysia today normally come with basic facilities, nearby essential amenities as well as security measures.

Compared to affordable housing, luxury housing, however, offers top-notch features, from exclusive facilities to premium amenities for the high-end lifestyle where everything you need is within reach.

Apart from that, luxury homes also have a more elegant exterior as well as come with additional perks that an affordable home might not have, which include better quality security such as a smart security system.

Buy A ‘Luxury’ Affordable Housing Projects For Sale To Meet All Your Needs & More

Though living in a luxury home seems out of reach for many of us, today, there is such a thing as ‘affordable luxury’.

Here at LBS Bina, we are known for building and designing high-quality and affordably-priced houses that inspire and enhance community living.

Besides that, we also keep up with the ever-evolving trends in architectural design, giving homeowners not only comfortable living spaces but also beautifully designed homes that look luxurious.

Now, it is possible to have a taste of luxurious living at an affordable price tag with our affordable homes.

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