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LBS Foundation Stays Consistent to Helping the Needy
Donation of RM40,000 to the Affected


Petaling Jaya, 15.07.2021 – LBS Foundation, an organization that manages the corporate social responsibility activities for LBS Bina Group, has recently took the initiative to make donations to a number of NGOs as well as individuals who were affected by the pandemic in addition to the constraints caused by the implementation of the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO).

Among the recipients of donations include the Persatuan Kebajikan Chen Ai, in Petaling Jaya which comprises of the disabled and the elderlies who suffer from mental disorders, spinal cord injuries, learning disabilities, Autism and other conditions. The donations from LBS Foundation are used to aid the staff as well as residents of the welfare home in covering their monthly expenses.

Aside from that, in June this year, LBS Foundation also contributed a few units of hospital beds and monetary donation to the Emergency Unit at Banting Hospital, Selangor. This contribution is used to help in some of the hospital’s needs in dealing with COVID-19 cases referred to the hospital which has a hybrid referral status.

Simultaneously, LBS Foundation also made donations to Tzu Chi Malaysia Taiwan Buddhist Foundation to help the Malaysia Solidarity COVID-19 Fund in covering for the medical needs in several hospitals and subsequently channeled to B40 families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not limited to assisting organizations and relevant charities, LBS Foundation also managed to get in touch with 13 families within Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Pulau Pinang whereby their incomes have been severely affected by the pandemic and are in serious need of various forms of assistance, be it in terms of daily essentials or medical needs. Through the collaboration with Pharmaniaga Berhad, the families listed will receive cash donations as well as basic medical supplies for daily use.

LBS Foundation Board of Trustees, Tan Sri Lim Hock San said “The effects of the COVID-19 outbreak have negatively impacted the lives of some communities and have completely overturned their lives. We hope that this contribution will lessen the burden of those affected as well as serve as a form of encouragement for the communities that are capable of contributing to assist the needy during these challenging times.”

For more information on LBS Foundation and its related activities, do visit our official website at lbsfoundation.com.my or follow us on our official social media pages, fb.me/lbsfoundationmy and instagr.am/lbsfoundationmy.

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