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Bigger Is Better?

‘Bigger is better.’ Well, that’s not always the case, no pun intended. A small area need not mean that it can’t stand out among the rest, it’s more of how you make the most out of the landscape that you have your hands on, be it the living room, yard or even the entrance to your home sweet home.  We always imagine the home of our dreams to be mansion-ish or built like a huge castle but how can smaller homes be the more ideal option for you and me?

‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ Same goes with a large home, it will be more expensive to buy and/or rent and most definitely significantly less cost-effective to maintain. Just imagine all the monthly expenses that you get to cut down on when you have lesser square feet in your house. Water, electricity and even maintenance and utilities fee, you will use much less of all these when you have a compact home! Same goes with mortgages, a smaller house will be more affordable and you will definitely see the savings in the long run.

Massive homes mean an abundance of space but sometimes one will hardly ever require all that space, and the most used area is really just a tiny portion as compared to the whole area available. So, when you buy a house with spaces that you are certain that you will definitely use and no more extra space to store up unnecessary materials, it will set you on a pathway to start decluttering. Minimalism brings about multiple benefits, there’s less to maintain, things are easier to find and everything you need is at your fingertip. All these are made better when you have a smaller home.

LBS is all about sustainability today, from the houses that we build to the offices that we work in. Reducing carbon footprints has been a mission that we have been on for a while now, and we spend most of our time in our very own homes. Living in a huge house equates to consuming more resources. A smaller home needs less water and electricity to keep it clean and during a hot day when we turn on our AC, a smaller home will be easier to cool down! All of these will not only help you save some ringgits but also save our earth!

Big spaces mean more space to renovate. Love revamping the place you live once in a while? With a smaller home the desire to renovate or execute a huge project can be made possible without burning a hole in your pocket. The downtime for your house is also shorter as projects for small homes are generally faster to complete as compared to larger homes. Cleaning after is also a breeze too.

Don’t get us wrong, we have just the same love for big homes but small homes will always have that special place in our hearts thanks to its convenience and affordability! Many people will even make the move from large houses to a much smaller one after their retirement and the reason is clear! From double storey to single storey, from Semi-Ds to condos, smaller homes give you that flexibility in life especially when you are an individual that is always out and about. Find the right home for you today with us and you may even drive home an Axia, how so? 

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