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The Edge City & Country IBS Factory (MGB)

For the month of June, Tan Sri Ir. Lim Hock San was invited to three exclusive interviews, covering three unique angles.

Firstly, in conjunction with Nanyang’s 100 Years Anniversary, Tan Sri Ir. Lim was invited as one of the business magnates and how he cultivated his three children, Isaac Lim, Lucas Lim, and Shany Lim as the third-generation leaders of LBS.

Second, Tan Sri Ir. Lim was present for The Edge City and Country on MGB IBS’ potentials and future outlooks, namely, utilization of the technology in upcoming projects and its sustainability goals, with coverage.

Lastly, Tan Sri was also invited for an exclusive studio interview with BFM Caijin to explore LBS’ prospects for the remaining of 2023.

Simultaneously, Dato’ Sri Daniel Lim was present at the BCI 2023 Award and joined in for an interview where he shares on LBS’ winnings and projects that helped aced the BCI award as the Top 10 developer.