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FAB 2021 | Finale Prize Presentation Ceremony


  1. This event is to gather all the winners of The LBS Fabulous 20-21 Grand Finale Lucky Draw to collect the prizes. VVIPs of LBS will be presenting the main prizes such as cars, motorcycles and bicycles.
  2. During the event, you will be given a redemption letter that will allow you to redeem your LBS FABULOUS 20-21 prizes. All prizes are available for redemption on the spot except for Sharp Refrigerator, Sharp Washing Machine and DELL Notebooks. You will need to collect your redemption letter at this event and arrange collection of these items with our vendors.
  3. On the event day, we are also giving away 30 AEON cash vouchers worth RM20 to 30 early birds who arrive early & attended the event.
  4. As for new homebuyers, whoever purchase a house at KITA@Cybersouth on the event day – 2nd April 2022 will also be entitled to get a 42” TV.
  5. For those who are not able to attend the prize-giving ceremony, we will email you your redemption letter, 1 – 2 weeks after the event. You may liaise with our vendor on arrangements to collect your prize. Please present your redemption letter to the vendor for their verification before they release the prize to you.
  6. You are allowed to bring your family and friends too. Please RSVP with us and let us know the number of pax you are bringing to the event. F&B will be provided

Eligibility of Winners

In order to redeem the Prize, you must have fulfilled the terms and conditions below:

1. You must have executed and stamped a valid Sale and Purchase Agreement between 1stJanuary 2020 to 31st December 2021 (“hereinafter referred to as “SPA”) with the Developer;

2. You must have either;

  • executed and stamped the Facilities Agreement with a bank/end-financier for the Property (applicable if you have opted to obtain a loan from a bank/end financier to pay for the Purchase Price of the Property); or
  • settled at least fifty percent (50%) of the total Purchase Price (excluding any developers rebates offered by us to you) in accordance to the Third Schedule of the SPA (applicable if you have opted to finance the Property in cash).

3. You must not have defaulted or breached any provisions in the SPA and/or the Facilities Agreement.

4. In the event the SPA is terminated and/or cancelled and/or the winner’s defaults on any payment due and payable under the SPA for any reason whatsoever, you will be deemed disqualified from being entitled to the Prize. You shall pay the retail price of the Prize to LBS Bina Holdings Sdn Bhd within Seven (7) days of the demand or request made by LBS Bina Holdings Sdn Bhd. We reserve the right to initiate legal action against you for the retail price of the Prize, in the event you fail, omit and/or neglect to make such payment, including but not limited to the recovery of all costs, expenses, damages, and losses suffered by LBS Bina Holdings Sdn Bhd as a result of your neglect to pay.

5. You shall furnish your NRIC for verification during or prior to the redemption of the Prize.

6. We shall have the right to withhold or forfeit the Prize from any Lucky Draw Winners if you fail to provide your NRIC upon collection of the Lucky Draw Prize and/or to collect the Lucky Draw Prize within Sixty (60) daysfrom the draw date on 28th March 2022.

7. You shall bear all costs and expenses related to the redemption of the Prize absolutely, and we shall not responsible in any way whatsoever in the event that you fail to claim the Prize due to your own personal circumstances. You shall not authorize any third parties to act as a representative for you to collect any motor vehicle/motor cycle prize except for electronical/gadget/bicycle prize is allowed.

8. You shall bear all duties, taxes, fees, and/or levies relating to the Prize and shall make such payments directly with the regulatory authority in question.

9. You shall duly observe and continue to comply with all relevant terms and conditions stated in the LBS Fabulous Lucky Draw Terms & Conditions.

Notwithstanding the above, if you need more info on your winning and prize, please make yourself available at KITA @ Cybersouth Sales Gallery on 2nd April 2022.

Thank you,