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Different Types of Landed Property that are Available on the Malaysia Market

Malaysia’s property market offers various types of residential properties, including diverse landed property options.

Each of these different landed houses has its own features and advantages to cater to different home buyers’ needs and wants.

So if you’re looking for a landed house that is ideal for you and your family, understanding the different types of landed property options will help you determine the best home for you.

Affordable Landed Terrace House for Small Families

Terrace residences are one of the most commonly developed and sought-after landed houses for sale in Malaysia because of their affordability and practicality.

Terraced housing is residences that are constructed in rows with a similar and consistent facade that is erected next to one another with two shared walls, except for the corner house unit.

Normally, terrace houses in Malaysia can be single-storey and go up to three storeys, which is spacious enough and ideal for small to medium families.

The Unique Landed Townhouse Property That Comes with Strata Title

A townhouse is a landed property that is almost similar to a terrace house as it has multiple floors that are at least two to four storeys high and is usually built in rows of four or more.

However, what sets this type of landed house in Malaysia apart from a terrace house is that it comes with a strata title of ownership, just like a high-rise property.

Though a townhouse is likely to be more affordable than a terrace house, living in a townhouse requires specific maintenance and upkeep to be shared amongst its residents.

The good thing about this is that you won’t need to shoulder the burden of costs on your own or worry about doing the maintenance and upkeep yourself.

The Spacious Bungalow For Luxurious Living

Being one of the most expensive landed house types on the list of landed properties, bungalow is meant especially for those who love and can afford the finer things in life.

A bungalow can span up to 5,000 sq ft or more and provides ample room and seclusion even for a large family.

One of the best things about a bungalow is that it offers the highest level of privacy compared to other types of landed houses for sale, so you won’t have to worry about nosy neighbours.

You will also have more freedom when it comes to designing and renovating your living spaces if you choose to live in a bungalow.

The Semi-Detached Landed Property for Enough Privacy

Another popular type of landed house development in Malaysia is the semi-detached house.

A semi-detached house is usually built in pairs, sharing a common wall and is connected to another unit with one house’s plan mirroring the other.

Compared to a terrace house, a semi-detached house is often more pricey but offers a more ample space such as a larger backyard and front porch.

This type of landed property in Malaysia is ideal for those who prefer a little more privacy and more outdoor yard space.

New Landed House Projects for Sale in Malaysia

Hunting for a new landed house to call home?

LBS is one of Malaysia’s top property developers and we build not only high-quality homes for all but also create thriving communities through our projects.

To find out more about our latest landed house projects in Malaysia, visit our website today!