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Lego On Steroids?

Just like the headline, that was my first impression on Industrialised Building System (IBS) or more often known as precast. As much it sounds like the future of housing, IBS has actually been in the Malaysian market for the past four decades! So why exactly is it now that IBS is beginning to be the in thing and becoming prevalent? Aside from the ever-growing need for a home and price of housing materials, one key factor would be our dire need for manpower. From laying bricks to spreading the cement, these are all manual labour that requires precision both in execution and quality control. Simple economics tells us that with a decrease in supply comes an increase in demand, and with that up goes the price of manpower. The pandemic is basically a wake-up call for the property industry, with the lockdown, the shortage of manpower was the major issues. 

Affordable housing whilst maintaining an efficient and sustainable construction progress is among the reasons that made LBS Bina Group Berhad, the household name that it is today. This is also possible thanks to its construction-arm, MGB Berhad, that specializes in our very topic today, IBS. Among the projects that utilizes our precast systems are:

  • Rumah Idaman MBI
  • SkyLake Residence
  • Prestige Residence
  • Residence Bintang Bukit Jalil
  • KITA Impian

We’ve talked about some benefits of IBS, namely reduced manpower and reduced cost. The many other benefits of it are increased quality, efficiency, sustainability and a more streamlined process. This means that with IBS, houses can be built faster without compromising in built quality and affordability, which all translates to a house that is reliable and of a longer lifespan.

Well, if it is so great, why isn’t every developer using this high-end system? Instead of having materials being sent to the construction site, the precast are pre-constructed parts that are designed, measured, tested and produced in sections within a designated measurement and specification, in a factory. This can include parts such as walls, ceilings, staircases and with more advanced technology, even a whole unit can be pre-casted!

So, the benefits are clear, every piece of wall or staircase churned out can be QC-ed right away by batches, defects are reduced and thus, there will be less labour needed to fix the defects, should there be any. Here comes the big ‘but’, setting up a precast factory is no small feat and is a costly facility to set up in the beginning. IBS is only truly feasible for buildings with several identical components which when combined forms a large structure, for example a high-rise building like a condo or serviced apartment. Keen to put in heavy renovating or extension works in your new home? Unfortunately, IBS homes may be limited with renovation potentials no thanks to the way the homes are built. Above all, albeit it being a rather stable piece of innovation in the property industry, it is still very important to opt for a reputable developer that is not only renowned for building homes but also homes with IBS to ensure that peace of mind years after you collect your keys.

Here’s a little extra bonus on benefits of IBS beyond its nature of construction. The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) has been encouraging implementation of IBS by giving exemption that incorporates more than 50% of IBS components, in short, with IBS there will be more savings channeled down to us future homebuyers. The future of homebuilding is an interesting one and while IBS sounds like the new kid in town, it is definitely one that has been tried and tested. Love what you have been reading? There is no better time than now to shop with us virtually for your future home!

Bigger Is Better?

‘Bigger is better.’ Well, that’s not always the case, no pun intended. A small area need not mean that it can’t stand out among the rest, it’s more of how you make the most out of the landscape that you have your hands on, be it the living room, yard or even the entrance to your home sweet home.  We always imagine the home of our dreams to be mansion-ish or built like a huge castle but how can smaller homes be the more ideal option for you and me?

‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ Same goes with a large home, it will be more expensive to buy and/or rent and most definitely significantly less cost-effective to maintain. Just imagine all the monthly expenses that you get to cut down on when you have lesser square feet in your house. Water, electricity and even maintenance and utilities fee, you will use much less of all these when you have a compact home! Same goes with mortgages, a smaller house will be more affordable and you will definitely see the savings in the long run.

Massive homes mean an abundance of space but sometimes one will hardly ever require all that space, and the most used area is really just a tiny portion as compared to the whole area available. So, when you buy a house with spaces that you are certain that you will definitely use and no more extra space to store up unnecessary materials, it will set you on a pathway to start decluttering. Minimalism brings about multiple benefits, there’s less to maintain, things are easier to find and everything you need is at your fingertip. All these are made better when you have a smaller home.

LBS is all about sustainability today, from the houses that we build to the offices that we work in. Reducing carbon footprints has been a mission that we have been on for a while now, and we spend most of our time in our very own homes. Living in a huge house equates to consuming more resources. A smaller home needs less water and electricity to keep it clean and during a hot day when we turn on our AC, a smaller home will be easier to cool down! All of these will not only help you save some ringgits but also save our earth!

Big spaces mean more space to renovate. Love revamping the place you live once in a while? With a smaller home the desire to renovate or execute a huge project can be made possible without burning a hole in your pocket. The downtime for your house is also shorter as projects for small homes are generally faster to complete as compared to larger homes. Cleaning after is also a breeze too.

Don’t get us wrong, we have just the same love for big homes but small homes will always have that special place in our hearts thanks to its convenience and affordability! Many people will even make the move from large houses to a much smaller one after their retirement and the reason is clear! From double storey to single storey, from Semi-Ds to condos, smaller homes give you that flexibility in life especially when you are an individual that is always out and about. Find the right home for you today with us and you may even drive home an Axia, how so? 

Learn more here: 

Every Thought Counts

The LBS media team has been truly blessed to get support from our media associates throughout the journey. As a small token of appreciation, in this holy month of Ramadan, the Media team was assigned to distribute Ramadan gifts to all of LBS Bina’s media associates. To us, they are one of the special groups of people who we would call as the “Key Person” because the media truly are just that powerful. We also wholeheartedly agree that self-delivery adds that extra sincerity and human touch as compared to using courier services.

Upon completion of the delivery, we have to say, this task is much more than meets the eye. Knowing that many Malaysians are still recovering financially from the endemic, the team decided to show support to SMEs for all of our products and services. The Ramadan gift for this year comprises a bottle of homemade dried sambal, a packet of dates, and LBS Raya packets, all neatly packed into a paper gift bag. (No amount is too small, and all amounts are welcome!)

Prior to the distribution of the gifts, the team reached out to all respective media associates to pre-empt them regarding the upcoming delivery. Next, comes planning the routes of the delivery according to the location and availability of the media person. This allows us to efficiently drop off the media gifts and head on to our next checkpoint. Meeting up with fellow media associates face-to-face is an opportunity that is still hard to come by with the then-pandemic. While the internet has made us more connected than ever, there is no replacement for meeting up in person as it adds in the human touch. Thus, we took the opportunity given to build rapport with them, exchanging contacts and sharing the company’s outlook for the year, and exploring possible collaborations together.

Keeping the rest of the team posted on our progress is equally crucial. Hence, periodical updates to the team are essential so that everyone is in the loop. The pandemic has also taught us that remote working is possible and can be just as efficient, so long that we have our laptops and internet connection with us. Between every stop we took the available time to work on any pending or ad-hoc tasks, minimizing any forms of hiccups.

As Public Relations Executives with less than three years of experience, this opportunity has given us the prospect to greatly expand our connections, ability to coordinate and plan events, as well as to work in a team. We believe that public relations are about sharing the right information with the right places and people. Thus, it is very important that we must have well-targeted media lists, newsworthy media news, and content in plan together with measurable goals.

Prepared by:

Rayeon Lee & Nur Alia Nadhira

Media Team

Virtual Reality in Property Industry

The property industry has been evolving and changing with the advancement of technology and the challenges of Covid-19. With the effects and restrictions of the pandemic, the property industry must learn to adapt and overcome the many obstacles in order to survive. A game-changer that has been transforming the way we buy and sell homes in Malaysia is virtual reality (VR).

Typically, homebuyers visit multiple properties before deciding on the one they want to buy. This can be very time-consuming and also expensive if the properties are far from where the buyer lives. VR helps solve this by allowing people to virtually visit and experience properties without leaving the comfort of their homes. One can put on a VR headset or simply view from one’s mobile device and view the property.

LBS Bina Group is one of the property developers which has adopted VR with the use of Matterport. By capturing many pictures, the program combines the pictures and creates a 3D replica of the unit. People can now enjoy virtual tours which allow users to view and move within a property unit with just a click of a button.

Part of the VR advancement that has changed how we design and present property to clients includes virtual home staging and architectural visualisation. Virtual home staging helps to virtually fill up an empty unit with furniture and interior design, enabling homebuyers to view fully furnished units. This can save the cost of actually sourcing and buying suitable furniture to furnish a unit. Architectural visualisation creates 3D models that help potential buyers visualise and imagine the architecture of an upcoming property that has yet to be built. These advancements help to create greater emotional connections when comparing the experience of 3D virtual tours and viewing 2D pictures.

VR allows anyone to view the property over long distances through the use of the internet. Clients are able to virtually visit the properties as and when they want, with no time limit to how long spent viewing the property. The customer experience can be further enhanced with add-ons like mortgage calculators and additional information on the property and neighbourhood. This will help clients get all the necessary information about the property before contacting a real estate agent and arranging a physical visit to the house they are interested in.

In conclusion, VR technology has already been transforming the property industry here in Malaysia. Realising the benefits and uses of VR, an increasing number of property developers, real estate property online portals, and others are adopting VR into their business models.

Ushering In 2022 With Revived Hope

Lunar New Year is just around the corner and as we enter the Year of the Tiger, here’s what to expect. Known as the king of beast in China, Tiger symbolises strength, exorcising evils, and braveness. People born in the year of Tiger are extremely competitive and are often recognised for their courage and ambition. They are extremely generous with a drive to help others. Tigers want to win; however, they are also always seeking justice.

These values translate into making big changes in the Year of the Tiger. As we march into the new year with the pandemic still strapped to our back, the Yang energy associated with the Tiger will renew everyone’s spirit and everyone will be fired up once again. Generosity is at an all-time high and it will be a year of risk-taking and adventure. LBS is cautiously optimistic that this will set new benchmarks and we will offer an even wider range of products and services to the market, as according to Tan Sri Lim Hock San, the Executive Chairman of LBS.

2022 will be the year where LBS adapts digitalisation in our operation, while continuing our aim to provide affordable homes for all Malaysians. This cannot possibly be done without the joint effort of everyone from all departments, and for that, we are eternally grateful and humbled by everyone’s continuous support. This year, we hope to emulate the strength and ferocity of the Tiger, living life well and to the fullest while we continue fighting against COVID-19.

Despite the challenges we faced, we have managed to weather through 2021 with resilience and perseverance as a unit. We projected RM1.2 billion sales target but achieved miles ahead instead, at an astonishing amount of RM1.58 billion. Be rest assured that we are not resting on our achievements as there will be 14 new launches planned for 2022 across Klang Valley, Johor, Pahang, and Perak.

As a way to show our appreciation to our home-buyers, LBS has launched a Chinese New Year campaign called “Bring Happiness Home” where we will be offering Ang-Pows for our home-buyers. This is the ideal moment to secure your forever home and make this new year an auspicious one with LBS; the campaign will last till the end of February 2022.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year. As we prepare to celebrate the Chinese New Year festivities, remember to remain vigilant and practice COVID-19 SOPs to safeguard our family and loved ones. May this new year bring us good health and good fortune. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, may it be a year that outshines the rest! Stay safe and may we all be in high gear in the year of the Tiger!

Good Bye, 2021

Believe it or not, another year of living with COVID-19 is coming to an end in just a couple of days. Before diving into this article, pat yourself on the back for surviving yet another year of embracing the new normal. It has not been an easy journey, as a matter of fact, it has been really tough for the past couple of years, but we are all still standing here, and for that, we deserve to be proud of ourselves. 

Letting go of the previous couple of years with a renewed resolution to be human, to survive together, to learn together and persevere in the many beginnings that we have yet to witness, will mark the birth of an all-powerful conscious era for us all. These two years will never be forgotten. Not only will it stay etched in the memories of the ones who lost and lived through it, but for all future generations as the years that reminded humanity to never take things for granted.

COVID-19 spared no one, regardless of their age, status, or designation. It impacted children as much as it did elders, countries worldwide struggled to fight, endure, and overcome. While some of us may have managed to stay healthy throughout the ordeal, some unfortunately did not. With the number of daily cases being still relatively high, coupled with multiple virus mutations throughout the year, this is a great reminder that we are still living in a world with COVID-19 so whether we like it or not, we have to still adhere to the SOPs at any given time, even when having a mask on for the entire day gets really suffocating after a while.

Even though events happening in 2021 are not as shocking as the ones in 2020, the constant roller-coaster ride with the mutations did leave many feelings jaded. The world’s reaction has been an unpleasant mixture of dread, fatigue, and déjà vu. Almost two years into a pandemic that has claimed more than five million lives and affected billions more, people everywhere are finding it hard to summon the energy for another chapter in the story. 

At one point, it felt like there was no end to this mess and we will be stuck in this cycle of life forever. We were told the only way for us to be able to end this pandemic is by forming herd immunity, so nations joined together to fight this global public health crisis. Vaccinations were developed and administered and just when we thought we were going back to the old normal, new variations pop in and it’s back to lockdown.

Given the trend, health officials started to sound the alarm about another public health crisis: mental health. The U.S. Surgeon General said the pandemic’s high number of deaths, forced social distancing, and lockdowns of the economies have created new pressure, especially on young people.

He wrote, “It would be a tragedy if we beat back one public health crisis only to allow another to grow in its place.

Being forced to live in a pandemic era arm-twisted many to become conscious of their inner strengths in the toughest times. It marks the beginning of an era of psychological and spiritual awareness and growth. It is not that we didn’t know earlier, but COVID-19 pushed us in the direction of awareness, acceptance, digging deep to find the power in our resolve, adjust and adapt to survive. Pain, loss and endings have a way of leaving us to process and think, both being strengths of the human race.

2021 has been a year of both triumphs and failures. On top of the emergence of the Omicron variant that has a much higher infection rate, Malaysia was recently hit by one of the worst floods in decades, resulting in rising death tolls and tens of thousands of people displaced from their homes. Despite the challenges, Malaysians have been stepping up to lend a helping hand to those who have been hit the hardest. This strength among Malaysians is what gives us hope, we have to remain optimistic that the future is brighter. We have yet to win but we are getting there, as long as we continue to stay focused, Kita Pasti Menang!

Travelling Amidst The Pandemic Equals Travelling Amidst Uncertainties?

Borders are opening, travelling plans are back on track. But are we really ready to start travelling again? Just very recently Malaysian health experts warn that we may be expecting a 4th COVID-19 wave. Should you cancel your holiday plans? As much as we hate to say this, COVID-19 is here to stay. While lockdowns, restriction orders, and vaccination has proven to be effective, it can only bring us this far. Our take on this is that travelling amidst the pandemic need not be equated to travelling amidst uncertainties.

As much as it appears to be non-essential, the travelling industry which accounts for 10% of the world’s GDP, is an undeniably crucial industry. Not merely as a contributor of the world’s economy, but also a contributor to the wellbeing of those that has been confined at home for months. Yet, reopening travel presents its own challenges.

Disclaimer here though, we are no health experts but we believe that letting one’s guard down is one of the contributing factors to the rising cases. While we get our booster shots to ramp up on our immunity, to us, getting our basics right is more crucial than ever, mask up at all times, thoroughly wash your hands, sanitize your hands once you’ve pressed the lift switches, public door handles, etc. At this point all of this should be second nature to us.

Also, make full use of your COVID-19 tracing app, check-in and out timely, because if there’s any false positive (status turning red, even when you’re COVID free) there goes your holiday plan. A fairly new norm in pandemic times is taking self-tests be it rapid antigen test kit or saliva test. Doing a test every time before meeting up can sure feel troublesome and heavy on the wallet, but it’s the responsible thing to do as there are no telltale signs that someone is COVID positive or not. Trust us on this one, once you’ve known that the people that you’re travelling with have done self-test, you will be more at ease and relaxed.

Now that you’ve done your part, the next thing to do is to make sure that the destination spots, eateries, hoteliers, and transportations that you’re opting for are on the same page as you, adhere strictly to SOPs and the latest protocols. Preferably, go contactless for all your transactions. See someone walking around a hotel with no mask on and the staff doesn’t bat an eye even after being notified about it? It’s a red flag to us as it’s a reflection of how the SOPs are being implemented across the said business. Skim through reviews before putting down the booking, reach out to the staff to ask about their SOPs, and again, make good use of the tracing app by checking the number of positive cases around the destination for the past week.

Ultimately, one should not feel guilty for wanting to travel, it is the poor practices of SOPs and negligence that should be penalized. Always remember that booster shots do not make us invincible from the virus, and don’t choose its prey. Go ahead, with your plans, make beautiful memories and in the meantime, let’s be safe.


Don’t Delay, Keep Breast Cancer At Bay

Editor’s note: This article was written in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We know that we’re towards the end of the month but we also believe that this piece will be a timeless advice. We hope you enjoy the read and do share them with your loved ones! 

What if the most impactful method of curing breast cancer was out of the hospital? We are not doctors but what we know for sure is that the ultimate solution to breast cancer starts not from the hospital but from our society. Try this, initiate a conversation with a colleague and have an open discussion on breast cancer. The initial reaction is more often than not anything between the lines of awkward or shyness, yes? Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the world and also in Malaysia, but why is it not widely discussed and what can we do about it?

To start things off on a positive note, despite it being the most common cancer, breast cancer is highly treatable and survivable in the early stages (Stage 0 and 1). Of course, that has to be accompanied by early detection measures namely, mammography and clinical breast examination. With the prevalence of the coronavirus, many people would have been financially impacted or concerned about heading to the hospital for check-ups. Thus, while we still very much recommend seeking professional assistance, self-examination is most definitely a viable option on its own. Upon detection, it will ensure the most ideal opportunity for an effective treatment.

However, what is most concerning is that breast cancer is usually asymptomatic at the beginning, where it starts off being a small and painless lump, which may then lead to delayed diagnosis. On following stages, evident symptoms may begin to appear, such as change in the shape and/or size of the breast, a lump in the breast or underarm area, pain and swollen in the breast area, and more severe symptoms would be discharge from the nipple (could be blood), which does not include breast milk. While most breast lumps are not cancerous, it is advised for women to visit a doctor for an examination should they notice a lump on the breast.

Many women also shy away from thinking about breast cancer as the thought of it alone is enough to frighten them. There is also the prevalence of taboo which discourages public discussion on the said topic. To add on, there are even misconceptions that there is currently no effective treatment for breast cancer. All of these are bad practices that will cause one to miss out and delay the best timing for treatment. Overthinking without making any form of resounding action, is in this case a very costly decision. We may lack the knowledge in this aspect but we must never for a moment lack the courage. At this very moment, there is nothing better that one can do than to steel oneself and reach out to someone you can trust and/or experience and seek immediate medical advice.

Equal attention needs to be given to post-breast cancer patients too. This is because, for those who have recovered, more than two-thirds of respondents felt a drop in the confidence of their bodies after a breast cancer diagnosis as well as treatment. Many felt that it had decreased their self-esteem where they experienced a loss of identity as compared to before breast cancer. We must acknowledge the impact that breast cancer diagnosis can bring upon one’s psychological well-being. From not being able to accept the post-cancer version of themselves or the inability to break the news to their partner or children, all of these can ultimately lead to depression and anxiety, which can, in turn, decrease the survival rate of a patient or even lead to recurrence of the cancer. Therefore, psychological treatment is just as crucial when it comes to the effective treatment of breast cancer.

As much as we are house builders, we also believe that a house can only be a home when we have our loved ones with us. To readers battling with breast cancer, like all other forms of cancer, breast cancer is a serious health diagnosis and is deeply personal. While some can be open and expressive about their condition, the rest may choose to keep it a hush-hush, and that’s okay so long that he/she has reached out for help! For readers with loved ones battling cancer, it is not easy on your end too and your unconditional support means the world to them and a strong support system is the foundation for a successful road to recovery. Whichever the approach may be, one must embrace the change in reality but know for a fact that they still have the ability to transform their cancer journey. Breast cancer should be a topic that is widely discussed, be it in October or all year round. Most importantly, don’t delay and keep breast cancer at bay!


Mental Stress: The Cure Starts With You

“Nobody said it was easy, It’s such a shame for us to part.

 Nobody said it was easy, No one ever said it would be this hard.”


Is the rhythm of the song titled “The Scientist” by Coldplay in your mind now? Or perhaps you might be singing along with this song.

As mentioned in the lyrics “Nobody Said It Was Easy”, we face challenges, and stress is unavoidable but a normal part of life. While everyone experiences stress, what stresses someone out varies from person to person, might be because of work, studies, family and relationship matters.

Yes, challenges to some extent might break down our barriers, push our limits. When you’re facing your limits and you feel that resistance, it can seem hard to overcome. But just by pushing yourself a little harder, you can really accomplish some great things.

Anyway, stress is inevitable, life goes on, and we need to face the reality of life. Here are some tips to help manage and reduce stress:


1. Eat healthily

The proverbial saying ‘You are what you eat’ is the notion that to be fit and healthy you need to eat good food.


2. Exercise

Almost any form of exercise can increase your fitness level while decreasing your stress. The most important thing is to pick an activity that you enjoy. Examples include jogging, dancing, cycling, Yoga, Tai Chi and Zumba.


3. Take time out

You may have experienced frustration on some matters, try to stop thinking about it, listen to music, gardening, play some games, chat with family or BFF, temporarily escape from stress.


4. Green Environments

Exposure to green spaces help to relieve stress, and generally enhances psychological recovery. Exposure to urban green spaces can generate cognitive, affective, and psychophysiological benefits that reduce stress.


5. Snack / Cheat time

Have a break and have a KitKat. Oh! This is not an advertisement session! In fact, you can have any snack, preferably a healthier snack, for example, low carb snack, almonds that contain several beneficial nutrients, pistachios that are high in fibre. Of course, some snacks are acceptable but do limit your snack intake, as it might increase calorie, weight gain.


6. Get Some Restful Sleep

Stressful times can cause insomnia. You can take nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and cashews which are often considered to be good food for sleep.

Have a warm bath, listen to calm and relaxing music, do some gentle yoga and meditation to relax your mind and body. Exercising regularly, cutting down on caffeine does help beat insomnia.

Write away your worries. If you tend to lie in bed thinking about everything you must do tomorrow, set a to-do list before bedtime, it helps for a night of quality sleep.

If you cannot sleep, do not lie there worrying about it. Get up and do something you find relaxing until you feel sleepy again, then go back to bed.

Do consider consulting a doctor if lack of sleep is persistent and it’s affecting your daily life.


7. Seek Help

It’s OK to not be OK, we’re human, in life we go through a lot of ups and downs. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, go for counselling sessions and consult a psychologist. Remember, You Are Not Alone. Take care.

Are You Ready?

Now that everyone is completing their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, are you mentally ready to go back to normal? To how everything was before? Admittedly, it is a big step stepping out of the pandemic and going back to our previous routine, but eventually it must be done whether we like it or not.

We understand this might be a little stressful, especially with the number of daily cases being what it is, but remember how stressed out we all were having to sit at home for months, wishing everything would go back to normal? How working from home in a mostly non-conducive environment was taking a toll on our mental health?

When we are fully vaccinated, it becomes our responsibility to slowly start returning to our obligations. Meetings need to be done face to face for better clarification, things can be done more efficiently in a timely manner, and on top of performance improvement, it will also benefit our social and mental needs. We will finally get to breathe in some fresh air daily and we get to mingle and laugh with our colleagues.

As to how we understand your concerns, we hope you understand ours too. We must keep operating if we want to keep providing for everyone. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is we can only sustain when we are fully operational, and we know this is a bitter pill to swallow. As we embark on this journey of embracing the new normal at work, we need to learn to be interdependent. Relying on each other and helping each other out will ensure that we will be able to swiftly get back into our previous work routine safely and efficiently.

We promise we will be there with you every step of the way. Experiencing back-to-work anxiety is completely normal and together, we will manage the issue. Remember that you are not the only one who is facing this – we are too. There are plenty of ways for us to address this issue and one of it is identifying our causes for concern.

At any given time, you are allowed to voice out your concerns and together we will find the best solution. Let’s normalise openly talking about our mental health and to always be inclusive and attentive of one another. This will foster a mentally healthy workspace, and given the current climate, we are each other’s resources, so we must have each other’s back.

Two years ago, we could only dream of being here, unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is a breakthrough, and we must seize this opportunity now more than ever to help our society return to what it was. We must turn over a new leaf and although it is still a little tricky, there are SOPs put in place to guide us through. We are not saying we are ready to go back to a mask-less society, but we are heading in the right direction. It is a scary step but a necessary one. If you want things to go back to the way they were, you have got to be your own hero.